"Glass is a crystalline medium, sparkling like jewels in the sun and darkening obscurely as daylight fails in the evening. Glass transforms and manipulates light that shines through it and transforms the interior room into a mosaic of dancing colours.
Glass has always fascinated me, whether in the silence and serenity of the great Mediaeval cathedrals of Europe or installed in public buildings in America as a flashy and uplifting welcome to the visitors."
My designs reflect a reverence for this jewel-like medium and the moods I set with my compositions are carefully orchestrated symphonies of movement and colour. Colour and value are of utmost importance to me. Lead lines, sharp and crisply black against a backdrop of a many-pieced tapestry of light, create a pristine mosaic. Painted glass dulls the sparkling effect but, at the same time, diffuses the light and creates a gentle, soft mood.
The incorporation of fused glass frees the artist to design even the exact placement of colour within the sheets of pieces of glass. And with the added freedom of working kiln-fired glass, the glass artist today has few limitations." Marc King
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